Why You Need an Orthopedic Dog Bed for Your Senior Pup

Why You Need an Orthopedic Dog Bed for Your Senior Pup

We all deserve a good nights sleep.

That includes the family dog.  Especially our senior dogs.  I am pleased to have Joseph from Best Dog Crates and Beds explain the benefits of having an orthopedic bed for your special furry family member.

Why You Need an Orthopedic Dog Bed for Your Senior Pup
Everyone deserves a good nights sleep.

Pets – dogs, most especially – have become much more than just extra companions to have around the house. Many pet owners and pet parents see their furry friends as part of the family, which is why they go out of their way to buy more than just the essentials for these fluffy family members. From toys to treats, and even expensive clothing, pet owners have bought it all. But for older dogs and pets, the desire to buy products becomes more of a necessity.

Injured, weak, and old dogs often have trouble with rest and sleep Click To Tweet

Nothing hurts more than watching a senior dog struggle with discomfort, old age, and pain. If you’re a pet owner who wants to help relieve the aches and pains your older pet is suffering from, you should consider buying an orthopedic dog bed.

Benefits of an Orthopedic Dog Bed

  1. Prevent Exacerbation of Physical Condition – Dogs won’t always know what to do to keep themselves at their peak. Even weak, older, injured dogs aren’t exactly too informed when it comes to preventing further complications. One of the benefits of having an orthopedic dog bed for your furry friend is that they will be able to get the right posture, position, and support necessary to keep their condition from getting worse. Because dogs naturally gravitate towards dog beds, you can be sure that having a special orthopedic dog bed around the area will help prevent your dog’s physical weakness and injury from developing further. As a pet owner, the last thing you want is to watch your pet fall more and more ill, and with an orthopedic dog bed, you can prevent just that.
  2. Better Rest and Sleep – Injured, weak, and old dogs often have trouble with rest and sleep because they’re unable to get the right support even when lying down. Conventional dog beds don’t offer the appropriate cushioning to keep your dog’s body at the right position. This means your dog could struggle to get comfortable for rest or sleep. An orthopedic dog bed is designed to keep your furry companion comfortable and supported at all times so you can be sure that they’ll get their daily dose of well-deserved rest each and every time.
  3. Speedy Recovery – Injured dogs or older dogs who just went through surgery or medical treatment will often get uncomfortable with the way they feel. This discomfort will cause them to perform certain behaviors that could slow down the recovery process. Giving them a high quality orthopedic dog bed will allow them to feel comfortable despite their injuries and surgery and will make them feel more able to rest. This will ensure that they recover as fast as they can and will help them towards regaining their function to enjoy daily activities again.
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Why You Need an Orthopedic Dog Bed for Your Senior Pup
Because their family too!

Your dog is more than just a pet – it’s family. Make sure you give your fur baby the right love, support and comfort they deserves. Check out Best Dog Crates and Beds for reviews of the best orthopedic dog beds of 2016!

Check out their website, they have some great articles and training tips.

I’d like to thank Joseph from Best Dog Crates and Beds for this very informative post. You can also follow them on Twitter.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did.  I think Mary will be getting a new bed in the very near future.

Paws & Wags,
Suzanne Dean, ABCDT

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25 thoughts on “Why You Need an Orthopedic Dog Bed for Your Senior Pup”

  1. This is fantastic! My older dog has a bed from Orvis that has foam memory material and it’s so nice when he wants to stand up. I totally agree that older or injured dogs need something special for those joints.

  2. I feel so guilty as my previous dogs (RIP) did not have great beds. Kilo sleeps in his large crate with a wonderful big memory foam mattress over the whole thing then a cozy little round bed he likes to curl up in on top plus a blankie and a few toys.

  3. Yep, beds are important, and not all beds are created equal! I’m fostering a 10yo chihuahua who won’t even sit on a hard floor, much less lie on one. She’s got a cushy bed in every room we spend time in (though, one is looking more deflated than cushy; I should probably replace it). My senior cats love a supportive bed too. 🙂

  4. We have a Bessie + Barnie bagel bed that everyone just loves. My oldest sleeps in it most of time because she finds it so comfy… and it supports her in just the right way 🙂

  5. I’m a big fan of orthopedic beds for dogs. We got one for our Husky. She has a long back & is super energetic & athletic, I can tell she gets achey after a particularly rambunctious day!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them
    Cathy Armato recently posted…The Cutest Dog TrickMy Profile

  6. I’m thinking maybe this is what I need for my senior girl, Zora who will be 13 next month. Over the last year or so she has stopped wanting to sleep on the bed. I think it’s too soft and is no longer supporting her comfortably. Same with the couch. I have this purple chair that is much sturdier and that is her “go to” place. Similarly, she seems to prefer the floor to the carpet these days and, at night she will sleep in the bagel type dog bed by my bed as long as the center cushion is removed.
    Sarcastic Dog recently posted…My First (and second) Foster PuppyMy Profile

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