Trying on my Halloween Costume – Guess What I’m Gonna Be?

Trying on my Halloween Costume Dog Taco Costume

Trying on my Halloween Costume – Guess What I’m Gonna Be?

Well, Mom’s up to her tricks again, we just got through with the Swimsuit Edition and she’s putting more stuff on me.  Does she even realize, that I have a fur coat and this is Florida.  Why would you do that to me.  Now the swimsuit wasn’t too bad, it was light material.  But this… not only that, she made me go outside for pictures, someone could have seen me dressed like this.  What’s a dog to do?

Against my better judgement, I obliged her a little dress up session. After all she feeds me and other stuff so I’ll play along.

So without further ado… Oh wait I have some ado for you; you humans that like to play dress up with us doggies, try wearing a fur coat and tail for a while and see how you like it!  Unless you do that already then never mind.  BOL

Okay now without further ado.  Here is my Halloween Costume.

Trying on my Halloween Costume
Can you guess what I am?
Trying on my Halloween Costume Dog Taco Costume
Did you guess my costume yet? 

Mom wanted to include this picture because it’s a tongue out photo – she has trouble catching me with my tongue out.  (She just doesn’t know how sneaky I am).  I also gave her a hard time about standing up.  She wanted to see if she needed to make any adjustments to the costume.  I’ll be wearing it one night – and all I have to say is I betta get a lot of treats for this!

Okay if you haven’t guessed it yet (then you didn’t look at my Instagram account yesterday), here we go.  More embarrassing photos….

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Trying on my Halloween Costume
Hello – I’m I TACO! Did you guess it? Oh you thought that was gonna be a bad joke look down

Mom said all the other dogs were being minions, or a superhero (I wouldn’t have minded being a superhero – really NOT) some dogs where even dressing up like a cup of coffee.  I guess she could have dressed me as a cat.  If she had done that I wouldn’t have spoken to her for a week, or maybe just till dinnertime.  Speaking of cat’s check out this next picture!

Trying on my Halloween Costume Dog Taco Halloween Costume
Yes Taco spelled backwards spells O CAT! That was funny come on! I’m wearing the costume – I get to make the jokes!

Do you find it any coincidence that I happen to have a black cat come and visit while I’m in my Halloween costume – it actually was a weird coincidence. That’s Ninja, by the way – you’ve met her before.  Well sort of a coincidence, she loves to hog Mom’s attention when we are outside, but we get along okay.  Mom makes sure everyone gets lovin’.

So what do you think, will the Taco Costume get me so yummy dog treats?  I know I’ll for sure get some from the neighbor (their Ninja’s Mom and Dad) they have dogs too, and always give out doggie treats.

Trying on my Halloween Costume
Finally, I’m out of that silly costume. I feel so much better.

Okay, all you doggie’s out there, you be safe on Halloween.  There’s gonna be little kids in scary costumes, DON’T EAT THEM!  If you get to scared have your Mom or Dad bring you home and close the curtains and lock the door.

See I’m lucky, because down here in Florida, kids don’t even get to the door.  Everyone sits at the end of their driveways and hands out the candy.  Other than mosquitoes, it’s really nice outside.  We also make sure Ninja is in her house, it’s not safe for black cats on Halloween night.  So all you doggie’s out there with black cat friends, be sure to tell them to stay inside and be safe too.

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Mom will see you all tomorrow


Mary – The Dog

Photo Credits:  Mom

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    1. Hi Melissa, I bet Mom didn’t think about that. I don’t think so, I’m a good doggie, but if somebody try to take a bite out of me, I might not be such a good doggie, that would be bad. Well, as long as no one dresses up as a dog treat all should be okey dokey. BOL Have a Happy Halloween, I bet it real spooky on the Bayou? I heard some of those shows Mom watches about creatures in the Bayou, and they are scary !


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