Long Line Distance Recall Training Are You Ready For Some Training?

Long Line Distance Recall Training

Long Line Distance Recall Training Are You Ready For Some Training?

Long Line Distance Recall Training
What if you didn’t need a Long Line?
Would you enjoy taking your dog to the beach, or on a long hike without being on a leash? Click To Tweet

Long Line Distance Recall Training can help you do this.

Do you have an impeccable recall command for your dog? Click To Tweet If not, then your dog is still on a leash during these situations.

If your recall is not perfect yet, then you likely have your dog on a long line at the beach, or the dog park, so you can control the circumstances. If you feel things are going to get out of control you can simply step on the leash, and get control of the situation.

A long line can range anywhere from 10 to 50 feet. But do you really want you furry friend on a leash all the time?

Would you like to change this?

Long Line Distance Recall Training
Long Line Distance Recall in the Snow

Please understand that this is not training that you begin with your dog, this is more advanced training.

Your dog should have the basics of: sit, stay, down and come. Along with these basics, your dog must complete these cues in areas that are both undistracted and distracted.

Your dog needs a 90% success rate on these basic training cues. Then you move on to more advance training techniques such as the Long Line Distance Recall Training.

Rachel mentioned that she had been looking forward to working on Long Line Distance Recall Training with Rooney for some time.

This training is a great proofing tool and allows you to keep control until you feel your dog will come from long distances without the use of a long line leash.

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Long Line Distance Recall Training at the beach
Long Line Recall at the Beach

Be patient, and understand this is advanced training. However if you have been training your dog for a while now, you understand the balance you need to have in order to move on to the advanced stuff.

I hope you enjoy this post, Long Line Distance Recall Training. Just click the link and hop on over to Rachel’s website and enjoy.

If you have any questions, or would like to move even further on this training by introducing distractions to this training, please feel free to contact Rachel at mykidhaspawsblog@gmail.com, or me at info@thedogtraininglady.com.

Let us know what training you would like to learn next, or even what training you are interested in learning more about. Together we will create a plan based on your requests.

Paws & Wags,
Suzanne Dean, ABCDT

ABC Certified Dog Trainer




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