Doggie Swimsuit Edition – BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday

Doggie Swimsuit Edition

I know you didn’t want to miss my Doggie Swimsuit Edition!

BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday

As you are all beginning to pull out the sweaters, and you know soon you will have this:

Doggie Swimsuit Edition

This is what I will be doing through the winter.  I hope this swimsuit doesn’t make my butt look to big!

So here is my Doggie Swimsuit Edition!

Doggie Swimsuit Edition

For the first time, Mom was able to get a #TongueOut Photo too (she was sneaky).

Doggie Swimsuit Edition

Doggie Swimsuit Edition

Doggie Swimsuit Edition

Doggie Swimsuit Edition

Doggie Swimsuit Edition

I hope you enjoyed my Doggie Swimsuit Edition.

You can come back in January just to look at these pictures and warm up HEE HEE!

Mom was really tired today after taking all these pictures of me, so I had to do this blog post.  She told me to make sure that I included something about this being the last day to celebrate International Pet Bloggers Month. Happy September, and I’ll see you in October.  Mom will be back tomorrow.  She gets tired easy, I guess that’s cuz she’s gettin’ old (don’t tell her I said that).

Happy International Pet Bloggers Month.

September Is International Pet Blogger Month
September Is International Pet Blogger Month

Until Next Month

Paws & Wags.

Love Mary (oh and Mom too, Suzanne Dean, ABCDT) – you know she’s a dog trainer right?

ABC Certified Dog Trainer




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Much love and licks everyone!

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5 thoughts on “Doggie Swimsuit Edition – BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday”

    1. Oh my Spencer a speedo, oh the shame. I’m just glad mom didn’t make me were a bikini, oh the horror. Mom’s get weird thoughts sometimes – that’s why I wanted her to rest today, maybe you need to give your mom a rest before she gets the leaves for your shirt. BOL

      See ya Soon,

    1. Hi Elaine,
      I was going for the retro look.

      Yes, all the “snowbirds” as we lovingly call them, will be here soon. Yeah traffic, Yeah can’t get into restaurants, Yeah can’t find a parking spot. It’s okay we like your money. Come shop, frolic, enjoy, spend money, then home you go for summer, usually by Easter they all begin to head home. LOL

      Paw & Wags,
      Suzanne & Mary

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