Are You a HERO? Adopt A Shelter Pet and Be A HERO To A Pet in Need!

Adopt a Shelter Pet and Be A HERO to a Pet in Need

Are You A HERO?

Adopt a Shelter Pet and Be A HERO to a Pet in Need!

Adopt a Shelter Pet and Be A HERO to a Pet in Need
Super Hero!

Yes, when you adopt a shelter pet, you become a hero. You also get a lifetime of unconditional love.

This month my series of “Best Dog Breed for Me” is dedicated to shelter pets.

Why a shelter pet you ask? Well, as I already mentioned you would be a hero, and not just any kind of hero, you’ll be a super hero.

Here are 5 good reasons to be a Hero for a Pet in Need.

  1. Getting a pet from a shelter instead of buying one at a pet store – helps stop puppy mills. If you adopt from a non-“no-kill” shelter you have definitely saved a life.
  2. If you adopt from a non-kill shelter you make room for another pet.
  3. You get a great deal at the shelter. The fee that you pay usually includes any necessary shots. The pet is spayed/neutered, and some even include a microchip. Our county shelter here includes all that and the fee for a dog is $130.00, and this includes the microchip. You can’t even get out of a regular vet visit for that price.
  4. Most of the pets there are already house trained. They just need a little time and patience, for you to teach them the routine you two will have.
  5. Do you know how happy a shelter pet is when they get a fur-ever home? It’s amazing and they are really grateful for a human to snuggle with.

According to the ASPCA approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year. Approximately 3.9 million are dogs and 3.4 million are cats.

Adopt a Shelter Pet and Be A HERO to a Pet in Need
Will you be a Hero and Adopt Me? PhotoCredit:Mari_art

Each year approximately 2.7 million animals are euthanized: 1.2 million dogs and 1.4 million cats. That’s a lot of pets that end up at shelters, and it’s not their fault.

In last weeks post, I mentioned how we had neighbor’s that were just uneducated in being pet parents.

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Sometimes it’s because of a divorce. One reason I heard, and never understood. The people were having a baby and could not have a pet too. Why not? We weren’t allowed to ask that question though.

Do your homework on adopting a shelter pet first. Are you physically active, or do you have some mobility issues. This makes a difference on what pet you should adopt.

If you’re not as active as you use to be, perhaps an older dog may be right for you. Just think about it, you won’t have to go through potty training or the puppy mouthing and biting stage.

Adopt a Shelter Pet and Be A HERO to a Pet in Need
I just want someone to snuggle with! Photo Credit: siculodoc

If you really want a puppy, you would be surprised just how many puppies end up in shelters.

A really good place to look for pets in your area according to the Humane Society is the Shelter Pet Project. Just enter your zip code, and click on dog or cat, and you will be able to interact with pets through the site.

They will help you find a shelter in your area. They will also help you understand about pet adoption. They have a FAQ section that answers questions like “what kind of paperwork will be required”. They explain the differences between shelters and rescue groups.

I would highly recommend this site as a great place to start your homework on how to adopt a shelter pet.

Still on the fence about adopting a shelter pet.  Here is a video that will touch your heart.

Whether you adopt from a non-“no kill” shelter, a “no-kill” shelter, or a rescue group. You will be a hero with bragging rights.

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Do you have a preference of where you adopt? Do you have a prejudice against non-“no-kill” shelters or rescue groups?

If you do, I would like to share a post with you from a fellow dog blogger, that volunteers at a non-“no-kill” shelter. This may help you understand more about county shelters.

I will tell you from personal experience, adopting a pet is extremely rewarding. One that will put you in an élite group of hero’s that saved a life.

What do you get out of this? A best friend forever, that doesn’t care about what kind of house you live in, or what kind of job you have. You will have a friend that doesn’t care what kind of car your drive.

Adopt a Shelter Pet and Be A HERO to a Pet in Need
Is that someone coming in to adopt us? Photo Credit: Michael Felix

If you’re like me, it won’t look like you’re talking to yourself all the time, you’re talking to your pet. If you have had a bad day, they will listen without interrupting you. I guarantee you will feel better when you get all the bad stuff off your chest.

The best thing of all, when you come home, you will have a tail wagging, couldn’t be happier to see you friend no matter what. That in itself will put a smile on your face and make you forget about your bad day.

Are you a hero? Do you want to be a super hero? Adopt a shelter pet and join the élite group of hero’s that save lives.

I’d like to introduce you to a HERO that adopted a shelter pet.

I Adopted a Rescue Dog – Meet Kona!

Here’s another benefit:

If you need any help with training a puppy or even helping an older pet learn new tricks (yes, you can teach old dog new tricks), I am right here to help you with any training questions you have. I can even introduce you to several folks online that are in this super hero élite group.

Are you already a hero? I’d love to hear about your adoption story. Your experience may help inspire others to become A HERO to a Pet in Need.

Paws & Wags
Suzanne Dean, ABCDT PawsUp from Mary
ABC Certified Dog Trainer

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